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Our Theatre Productions

Kalarigram preserves a highly trained group to make the Kalarippayattu Performance in and around the world. Our team members include highly trained Kalarippayattu artists, Theyyam performers, Percussionists, technical experts, and other theatre artists from various fields. The team delivers power-packed stage shows in various arenas, such as film wards, fashion shows, cultural events, etc. The team also collaborates with other art forms of folk and contemporary nature.


Veeran is a Kalari and Chhau based physical theatre production that explores the legend of Kathivanoor Veeran

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Yodhayanam is a Kalaripayattu-based physical theatre production that shows the life of a Kalari warrior in ancient Kerala

Puli Janmam

This Malayalam-Tamil-Hindi play "Puli Janmam" (Metamorphosis of a Man to a Tiger) is around the legend of the Theyyam God "Puli Maranja Thondachan".


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