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Kalarigram Pavilion

Kalarigram is presently situated on a campus that measures approximately four thousand square meters. This consists of a traditional Kalari training pit (kuzhi Kalari), an amphitheatre for performance, a Pooja Kalari, a Chikitsa centre, and a Natyashastra Kalari, for dance and theatre workshops. We wish to transform this into a well-equipped centre for students to pursue their studies and research in Kalaripayattu and related art forms. To this end, we are building the necessary infrastructure to house a library, student research centre, and accommodation for researchers.

The proposal is to create a pathway around the campus which shall be adorned with plaques that showcase the history of Kalaripayattu, busts of legends, chieftains, and kings who have been sung about in the ballads, and inscriptions of the legendary wars that took place during that period. There will also be a Bodhidharma Meditation centre, and a herbal garden that contains predominant herbs that are used in various medicines prepared for treating injuries.

The library in the proposed centre will contain scrolls, old textbooks and documents about Kalaripayattu, Performing arts, and Tantra. There will also be an online library that researchers can use to access this information. A multi-media studio will also be part of this project, which will allow students and researchers to watch videos, documentary films, and Kalaripayattu training lessons.

We would like to extend this centre for the use of other indigenous games like Silambam, Malkhambh, Mardani Khel and Thang-ta so that these art forms can also find space to evolve and grow in all parts of India.

Know About Kalaripayattu

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