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Kalarigram Gurukulam

An important aspect of this project involves restoring Kalaripayattu as a way of life for the people of this country. In ancient times, Kalaripayattu was an integral aspect of the life of the people of this land. As much as it was a martial art form, in equal measure it contributed to the art forms of the land.

The emphasis on building a mighty India is dependent on citizens who are physically and mentally strong. The Fit India Movement is a step in that direction. The call to make Yoga compulsory in schools is also a step in that direction. Kalaripayattu and the Kalari Yoga practices that are incorporated as an intrinsic part of this martial art form lends itself to creating a strong and vibrant society. Apart from creating greater immunity and good health, Kalaripayattu will also help in enabling them to be strong physically and mentally.

To be able to take on this task of making physical fitness a mandatory aspect of the school curriculum, it is necessary to build the capacity to scale. It is for this reason that the Kalari Gurukulam has been envisaged. Starting with a 2-year diploma program that can prepare students to become trainers, the Kalarigram Gurukulam is envisaged as a project that will also turn the clock back on the education system in India, taking us back to the stage of Gurukulam, where young students spent time with the teachers learning a skill and grew up as part of a family, learning to become independent, strong, resilient and resourceful.

The Gurukulam is envisaged as a 12-year program, where students are enrolled at the age of 12 or 13 and spend the first seven years learning the basics. They will also attend regular school curriculum to conform to modern educational needs. After this period, they will spend the next five years specializing in specific aspects of Kalaripayattu depending on their choice and skill levels.

The Kalarigram Gurukulam learning experience will consist of the following:

  • ●  A regular school curriculum that conforms to modern educational needs

  • ●  Intense Kalaripayattu training to enable students to become experts in this martial art form

  • ●  Language classes including Sanskrit and Malayalam to enable them to understand voice commands, and relevant literature

  • ●  Bhagavad Gita classes to hone the mind and prepare students to become fearless warriors

  • ●  Classes in Indian Science to deepen their understanding of ancient Indian texts

  • ●  Basic Ayurveda and Kalari Marma Chikitsa treatment methodologies

    • ​Specialization in Ayurveda and Kalari Marma Chikitsa

    • Specialization in Kalaripayattu teaching and performances

    • Specialization in Performing arts, history, and literature

This project proposal also lays out the requirements for such a program and the expenditure involved in setting up the infrastructure required to build capacity at that scale.

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Know About Kalaripayattu

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