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Martial Arts Research Project

Dhanurveda is the ancient text on the science of war, which is considered to be the source of all martial art forms. This text which is an upaveda, derived from the Yajurveda, classified various forms of combat, battle formations, weapons and their usage, and methods of physical combat. Legend also has it that it was Sage Agastya who taught Kalaripayattu to the people who lived in this region. This, more commonly known as the Southern Style, has spawned other martial art forms like Silambam, Adi Murai, and is also believed to be the style that spread to the Far East in the form of Kung Fu and Karate.


Kalaripayattu also has its origins in Dhanurveda, and the weapons used find mentioned in this text. It is believed that Kung Fu, Karate, and several other martial art forms also have been based on Kalaripayattu, thus making it the mother of all martial art forms.​


At Kalarigram, we have been conducting Dhanurveda workshops to promote this ancient technique. Apart from archery, we invite experts from other Indian martial art forms like Silambam and Thang Ta to conduct classes and demonstrate the techniques used in those martial art forms.

The Dhanurveda Project seeks to delve into the traditions and techniques of all these art forms, rediscover the common thread that runs through all these art forms, and serve as an authentic source of research in this field. This requires the collection and collation of the various art forms across the country, identifying masters of each of these martial arts, and documenting the techniques and regional variations in style and training methods. This project also intends to serve as a museum of these ancient art forms, display a collection of the weapons used, and serve as the fount for the revival and spread of Dhanurveda.


Know About Kalaripayattu

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