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Kalarippayattu - Online Advanced Training


Learn Kalaripayattu to strengthen your roots with the planet! It provides strength and stability on both a mental and physical plane.

For example, the basic Gaja Vadivu deals with hip-opening and hip-abduction (thighs moving away from medial). The spine is lengthened and emphasis is given on pelvis tuck (tucking the tailbone in) in order to activate the core, glutes (buttocks), and inner thigh muscles. The inner thigh muscles (hip abductors) and hamstrings are parallel to the floor and are strengthened in this pose. The arms and shoulders also get a thorough lengthening in this pose and help in keeping the spine aligned and parallel to the floor. They also help runners to strengthen their legs, especially sprinters who run short distances.


Learn Gaja Vadivu and other fundamentals of Kalaripayattu through online classes. This will be your first step to understand this vast martial art form.

What you’ll learn

There are 2 levels: Beginners and Advanced.


In the beginners level, the basics of Kalaripayattu will be imparted. This includes Chuvadus (building blocks of Kalari), Vadivus (animal postures) and Kalukal (leg swings). A basic mastery of these three elements are necessary before a student moves on to Meypayattu (rigorous body conditioning exercises) which will be explored in the Advanced level. 


After every month the master will assess the progress of the students and decide if they are eligible to move on to the next level. If not, they’ll be continuing in the same level.


₹ 4,500/- per month


Days: Monday to Friday

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